Fund Strategy

Equity Block Trade:

  • Our analysts will assess each and every block opportunity through a quantifiable institutionalized built block pricing, factoring in best vs worst case levels, average days volume versus size taken, sensitivity measures, and shareholder profiles, the right discounts, etc.
  • Most trades are Hong Kong Equity and other Asia equities (Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.).
  • Strategically, each investment typically return a range of 3% to 9% of Trade Value (per ticker), subject to market conditions, substantial discounts and gearing.
  • We have strong deal origination (buy side/sell side) and access to the block trade stock particularly in Asia market.
  • Additionally, we have an established network of strategic partnerships within the fund management industry that may perform syndicated acquisition for excessive trade position.
  • To understand more about our Investment strategy, please contact us here


  • Global Long Short Equity Fund
  • Seeking capital appreciation with a secondary objective of principal preservation
  • Flexible, fundamentally-driven pursuit of attractive risk-adjusted opportunities
  • Emphasis on managing investment exposures to reduce effect of market drawdowns
  • Led by experienced long short portfolio manager and its experienced team


  • A family of structurally lower-volatility strategies designed to improve portfolio risk efficiency and to generate income
  • We seek long-term profits by consistently collecting option premiums in a liquid, risk-managed framework.
  • Our collateralized option strategies offer customizable, transparent solutions to monetize equity market volatility and to generate income in a cost-effective manner.
  • Return distributions generated through systematic index option writing can decrease portfolio volatility by emphasizing consistency, multidimensional diversification and downside mitigation.