Global Equity Macro Capital Fund or GEM CAPITAL FUND or ‘GEM FUND aims to produce attractive capital growth over the medium to long term. To invest in any economic sector of countries in the Australasia, China, USA, Europe and the Indian sub-continent, either directly or indirectly. The Fund may or may not be invested in all these areas at all times. Investment will be mainly in good Public listed shares of companies.

Our Objectives are:

  • Monetize the identified opportunities in Equity Block Trade deals.
  • Match each opportunity with Buyers and Sellers on every deal. In most cases there are multiple buyers and sellers on a single deal.
  • Capture value in the spreads of the Block shares trading activities.
  • Thematic positioning providing optimized exposure in macro, sector, and single name views to cater to all Buy/Sell opportunities
  • Provide high return and upside at minimum risk
  • Matching deal originations and the liquidity