Our Investment in Equity Block Trade

Our analysts will assess each and every block opportunity through a quantifiable institutionalized built block pricing, factoring in best vs worst case levels, average days volume versus size taken, sensitivity measures, and shareholder profiles, the right discounts, etc.

Most of our trades are Hong Kong Equity and other Asia equities (Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, etc.).

Based on our strategies, The returns of each investment are case by case, typical returns can range from 3% to 9% of Trade Value (per ticker), subject to market conditions, due to substantial discounts and fund gearings.

We have strong deal origination (buy side/sell side) and access to the block trade stock particularly in Asia market.

Additionally we have established strategic partnerships with a number of good long Funds that from time to time to perform syndicated acquisitions or takers of our shares positions.

To understand more about our Investment strategy, please contact us here